As we progress through Covid19 and all it’s variants, all Provincial Guidelines will be adhered to at Body Essentials. It is preferred that individuals attending treatment receive their vaccines/boosters. Having said that and according to the mandatory guidelines I must follow, this is discretionary; meaning I must, as a health care professional, assess with the information at hand and make a “clinical benefits vs risks assessment”. If the risks outweigh the benefits, then treatment will NOT occur.
If deemed more to the beneficial side, massage therapy IS permissible. Obviously, if I already have a working relationship with an individual, this assessment is easier to do. Therefore individuals seeking treatment that are unvaccinated (not having an existing working relationship), will have to curtail treatments at Body Essentials. Masks must be worn during treatments “as tolerated”. Face up on the table for sure; face down is problematic for some, so masks may be lowered to aid in breathing as necessary. This is a very individual thing; lots of people are fine fully masked face down. This again is something we can assess during treatment. 
Let’s keep our chins up; we are on the other side of this approaching endemic status. We are all in this together. Let’s all work on avoiding the spread. We all are aware by now of all the aspects of reducing the spread: vaccines, social distancing, masks, proper hand hygiene/hand sanitizer, reduced numbers at social events, etc.
Take care and stay safe,
Angela “Angie”

Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Before you book your appointment, you must complete this Pre-Screening Questionnaire. Please read each of the questions and answer “Yes” or “No”. This document can be printed out with your answers indicated in the left margin. It can be returned to me asap by email or text OR if you answer NO to all questions, a simple email, text or verbal reply stating so is fine.

If you would like to read about the latest up-to-date information from the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario, please click on this link: