Body Essentials Pilates Classes

6:00 -7:00 pm – 13 weeks

MONDAYS – January 7, 2019 – April 15, 2019
NO Classes – February 18th, March 11th or April 22nd
THURSDAYS – January 10, 2019 – April 18, 2019
NO Classes – February 21st, March 14th or April 25th

Pilates/Yoga Infusion Beginner with Options for Progressing Challenge

Classes are pilates based for core strength and helping improve proper joint mechanics (eg. the spine, knees, hips, shoulders, ankles) which are often faulty from daily stress, strain or injury. Add to this, some wonderful Hatha Yoga to balance out this class concept and some
myofascial release on the foam roller to stretch out those restrictions. Various small apparatus is used to create a dynamic variety of movement & experience (belts, flex and resistance bands, small balls, stability balls, stability cushions, rings, rotational discs, resistance bands, foam rollers, gliding discs, etc.)


Sign up and bring 1 new friend* to session: You Pay $11.00 for 1 class/wk or $10.00/class for 2 classes/wk
Sign up and bring 2 new friends* to session: You Pay $10.00 for 1 class/wk or $9.00/class for 2 classes/wk
*Friend pays regular fees for their first session and are then eligible for future special pricing.


1 Class/wk $13.00 X 13 weeks = $169.00 + $21.97 (HST) = $190.97
2 Classes/wk $12.00 X 13 weeks = $312.00 + $40.56 (HST) = $352.56
DROP-IN: $20. + 2.60 (HST) = $22.60

NOTE: Any missed classes must be made up during current session unless other arrangements have been made.


PCVS, 201 McDonnel St (at George St) – Parking in East Lot and enter through the doors with the stairs going up into building. Go along main hallway and through sets of doors until you see hallway on left. Turn left down to end of hallway to Meditation Room.
**If Main Door Locked, there is another door to the left by the basketball court. You will need to go up the stairs and across to meet up with the main hallway.


1) Cash or Cheques (no cash in mail, in person only please; cheques made out to: Body Essentials Massage Therapy
2) E-Transfer:
3) Credit Card: Visa, M/C, Amex (pls add 2.75%)

Gift Certificates Available!!

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Pilates Private Sessions – Reformer, Stability Chair or Matwork

1 Session – $80 per session
2-9 Sessions – $75 per session
10-24 Sessions – $70 per session
25-49 Sessions – $68 per session
All prices include HST.
Cost of packages are paid at beginning of contracted sessions. Fees are subject to change without notice.


Packages available! Book your appointment today.

Call 705-749-5856 or email:

Angela Hill, RMT, RCRT, RYT, FIS, Cert Pilates Mat + Large Equipment
6 Bayleaf Court, Peterborough, ON K9K 1A3
PHONE: 705-749-5856   CELL: 705-927-4523 (texting)